How do you apply photosensitive pigments to an umbrella?

For all the time, we are using umbrella of unchangeable color. Can we add photosensitive pigment to the umbrella pigment so that the color can change under different outdoor lighting conditions?

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The answer is yes. Sun umbrellas applying photosensitive pigments will change in color when exposed to sunlight/UV radiation, and return to its original color when the sunlight/UV is lost. Color-changing sun umbrella is one that fully utilizes the color changing principle of such powder to change its color from being “colorless to colored” under sunlight exposure.

The use of photosensitive pigments in umbrellas is a breakthrough for the traditionally unchanged color and pattern of umbrellas. When exposed to sunlight, the umbrella surface can gradually show a colorful appearance, and return to its original color when sunlight is blocked. The color change can be cyclic, performing the magic of color variation in light, bringing more surprises to life.

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