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UV powder is an inorganic luminescent material made from rare earth as the main raw material. In the wavelength of 365nm ultraviolet light excitation, can emit high brightness red, purple, yellow-green, blue, green, yellow, white, blue-green, orange and other color light. In the use of different techniques can be used to make points, lines, surfaces and other forms. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, it can emit a variety of bright dots, lines and surfaces of colored light. With energy saving, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless and other characteristics. It can be widely and safely used in all related fields.

Ultraviolet Powder Product Detail

Kingchroma UV powder possesses excellent water and temperature resistance, chemical stability, and a long lifespan of several years to even decades. It can be incorporated into various materials such as plastics, coatings, inks, resins, glass, and other transparent or semi-transparent materials. UV powder has extensive applications in anti-counterfeit materials, guide signs, and more. Particularly suitable for decoration in bars, nightclubs, and various entertainment venues, as well as for crafts and artistic designs.

Characteristics of KingChroma UV Powders:   When viewed up close, it appears soft and bright, while at a distance during the night, it appears bright and striking. Different techniques can be used to create forms such as dots, lines, and surfaces. Under UV light, it emits vibrant colored lights in the form of various bright dots, lines, and surfaces. Another feature of this product is its energy-saving, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless nature. It can be widely and safely used in various relevant fields.

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fluorescent uv powder for Markers

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UV Powder FAQs

UV reactive powder has the following application scenarios:

  1. Draw in entertainment venues and draw under ultraviolet light.
  2. Make anti-counterfeit ink, paint, and coatings.
  3. Conduct product testing for quality assurance.
  4. Long-wave fluorescence is a modern anticounterfeiting technique utilized in bills and currencies. It’s highly concealed and commonly used in identification tools, such as money detectors frequently seen in shopping malls and banks. Short-wave anti-counterfeiting technology uses specialized instruments for identification, thus possessing stronger anti-counterfeiting and concealment performance. Featuring advanced technology and effective color concealment, fluorescent invisible ultraviolet-activated phosphor, which emits bright fluorescent light under ultraviolet irradiation, has a wide range of applications in the field of anti-counterfeiting.

UV pigment powder contains some common metal element compounds, organic dye compounds, etc. There are both inorganic and organic substances, with a wide variety of components. UV pigment powder goes through electronic transitions when it is exposed to light. The electron moves from a state of low energy to a state of high energy, and then it returns to a state of low energy, emitting absorbed energy as light. This is what we call fluorescence, and it is the principle behind how it works.

The UV glow powder resists solvents, acids, and alkalis well and is highly safe. It can resist heat up to 600 ℃, making it ideal for various high-temperature processes. Additionally, it has no color migration and will not cause contamination. It is safe for people and the environment, and does not release formaldehyde when heated. We can use it to color toys and food packaging.

UV color changing powder is a unique powder that glows brightly under ultraviolet or blue light. By mixing it with fluorescent powder and coatings, we can create products or coatings with vibrant colors and fluorescent effects.

There are two categories of UV color changing mica powder: zinc sulfide, which sends out light for around 1 hour, and rare earth.

There are two types of luminescent powders: one shines for 4 to 6 hours, and the other shines for 8 to 12 hours.

Colorless or light white UV powder that reacts to ultraviolet light (200-400nm) can produce different colors of visible light (400-800nm), depending on the metal and activator content in the pigment. According to the different wavelengths of the excitation light source, we can divide it into short-wavelength ultraviolet-excited fluorescent pigments (excitation wavelength of 254nm) and long-wavelength ultraviolet-excited fluorescent pigments (excitation wavelength of 365nm). These products appear white or nearly transparent when exposed to visible light. However, they display one or more fluorescent colors when exposed to different wavelength light sources (254nm, 365nm, 850nm).

UV powder can create unique effects, including organic, inorganic, and afterglow, with vivid and vibrant hues. Another type uses microcapsule wrapping technology. When the powder is exposed to UV light (200-400nm), it shows color. It returns to its original color after several minutes once the UV light is turned off.

There are two types of UV powder: inorganic and organic.

Inorganic UV powder

  1. Its fluorescent color is bright and provides excellent coverage (without requiring opaque agents).
  2. Its particles are small, circular, and disperse easily. They have a diameter of around 1-10u at 98%.
  3. Good heat resistance: Its highest possible temperature resistance is 600℃, making it appropriate for a range of high-temperature processes. It also exhibits excellent resistance to solvents, acids, and alkalis, as well as high stability.
  4. It has no color migration and will not cause contamination.
  5. It is safe for people and the environment, and does not release formaldehyde when heated. We can use it to color toys and food packaging.
  6. The colored material will not spill over, thus eliminating the need for extensive cleaning when switching molds in the injection machine.

Organic UV powder

  1. Its fluorescent color is bright and lacks covering power, with a light penetration rate of over 90%. It dissolves well and is eco-friendly. It can dissolve many types of oily solvents, but each one has a unique solubility. Careful selection is necessary when choosing which one to use based on specific needs.
  2. It is part of the dye line and we need to consider migration problems.
  3. Due to its poor weather resistance, we must incorporate additional stabilizers when utilizing it.
  4. Heat resistance: Its highest possible temperature resistance is  200℃, making it adequate for high-temperature processing under 200℃.

UV powder is susceptible to moisture and oxidation. To store it properly, we should note the following guidelines:

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. Store in a cool and dry place;
  2. Try to seal and store the fluorescent UV powder to prevent oxidation caused by moisture.
  3. Before using UV powder, it is important to check its quality and ensure it is dry.

We can reuse UV pigment powder. After being exposed to natural or artificial light, such as sunlight or ultraviolet light, luminous powder stores the energy and slowly releases it in a fluorescent way when the light is stopped. This causes the powder to emit light at night or in dark places for several hours, sometimes more than ten. We can use anti-counterfeiting powder multiple times to test the safety performance of products. Light powder can make products colorful and innovative.

The UV pigment line has many colors like red, purple, yellow-green, blue, green, yellow, white, blue-green, orange, and black. There are also countless color blends to choose from. You can even customize your own colors to suit your preferences.

UV pigment is a non-toxic whitening agent found in some legitimate cosmetic brands. It is added legally, but in very small doses. After exposure to ultraviolet light, the powder emits a blue-white glow. This glow makes it easy to see the skin brightening and whitening. Additionally, the UV pigment  is water-soluble. If it comes into contact with skin, we can easily wash it away with water. However, overuse of UV pigment in cosmetics can trigger skin irritation and lead to skin issues.

UV powder is a type of chemical, and it’s important to take necessary safety measures when handling it:

  1. Avoid touching fluorescent powder directly. Use protective gloves, masks, goggles, and other equipment.
  2. Do not dispose of fluorescent powder in the sewer or trash. Such action may pollute the environment.
  3. If you inhale fluorescent powder by accident, promptly exit the polluted area, and get medical help.

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