Anti Counterfeiting Material

Anti counterfeiting powder is an organic luminescent material made with rare earth as its main raw material. Under the excitation of different nanometer wavelengths, it can emit high-brightness red, purple, yellow-green, blue, green, yellow, white, blue-green, orange and other colors.

Application: Anti counterfeiting material can be added to a transparent or translucent material such as plastic, ink, paint, resin or glass. Widely used in currency, bills, card, food packaging, labels, alcohol packaging, etc.

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Anti Counterfeiting Powders Series

UV Long wave 315-400nm

UV Long Wave red


UV Long Wave orange


UV Long Wave purple


UV Long Wave blue


UV Long Wave sky blue

sky Blue

UV Long Wave yellow


UV Long Wave light yellow

light yellow

UV Long Wave white


UV Long Wave rose red

rose red

UV long wave green


UV long wave yellow green

sky Blue

Short Wave 200-280nm

short wave green


short wave red


short wave orange


short wave yellow


Double Wave

double wave long_red short_green

long-red short-green

Double wave long_green short_red

long-green short-red

Double wave long_green short_yellow

long-green short-yellow

IR 940-1060nm

IR Green


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Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications

Tickets and Event Passes

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications-Sporting Goods and Apparel

Sporting Goods and Apparel

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications - Security Labels and Stickers

Security Labels and Stickers

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Secure Documents and Certificates

Secure Documents and Certificates

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications-Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications for Personal Care and Beauty Products

Personal Care and Beauty Products

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Luxury Goods and Designer Products

Luxury Goods and Designer Products

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Industrial and Chemical Products

Industrial and Chemical Products

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Identification Cards and Documents

Identification Cards and Documents

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Government and Official Documents

Government and Official Documents

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Food and Beverage Packaging

Food and Beverage Packaging

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Currency and Banknotes

Currency and Banknotes

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Automotive and Spare Parts

Automotive and Spare Parts

Anti Counterfeiting Powders Applications Art and Collectibles

Art and Collectibles

Our Anti Counterfeiting Material Services

Appearance color
Changing color

White or Off-white
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green,White,Purple ect.

Particle size

0.1-10 μm

Heat resistance

200-600 degrees Celsius




Bright fluorescent color, good hiding power,Good solvent resistance, Acid resistance, Alkali resistance, high stability,non-toxic, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly,Organic pigments


Injection molding,Ink, Paint.(Powdered water oil universal)


Suitable for injection molding materials PP, PVC, PC,ABS, PS, PU, TPU, TPR, EVA, PMMA, Silica gel, Glue, etc.
Silk screen, pad printing, transfer printing, spraying, etc. (paper\cloth\metal\glass\ceramic\plastic, etc.).
Resin, paper, leather, wood, floor, wall, hardware, glass, ceramic, plastic, cloth, etc.


Anti-counterfeting powder is harmless to human body, comply with SGS, such as the European toys EN71 certification toys and food packaging safety standards. High temperature and prolonged exposure to the sun are not recommended.

Anti Counterfeiting Powders FAQ

anti counterfeiting powder, also known as anti counterfeiting pigment, is divided into two types: ultraviolet fluorescent powder and infrared fluorescent powder. It appears as a white or colorless powder. When exposed to ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 200-400nm or infrared light with a wavelength of 780-1060nm, it exhibits bright colors such as fluorescent red, fluorescent blue, and fluorescent yellow-green. The color disappears instantly when it is no longer exposed to the corresponding wavelengths of fluorescent lamps. anti counterfeiting powder can be used repeatedly.

When light passes through a transparent material, it undergoes reflection, absorption, and transmission. These effects cause the material to exhibit certain colors under the influence of light. The phenomenon of optical properties occurs during the absorption stage of light by the material, where non-reflective or non-scattered light enters the object, and some light is absorbed and converted into thermal energy, while the rest is reflected and scattered within the object. Certain substances can re-emit the absorbed light within the visible range, known as fluorescence. This fluorescence is accompanied by the appearance of color. Some light may undergo internal reflection, while the remaining light is transmitted. Ultraviolet and infrared fluorescent anti counterfeiting powders are types of fluorescent pigments, and their luminescent mechanism is similar to that of fluorescent pigments.

The common types of anti counterfeiting materials include:

  1. Ultraviolet fluorescent anti counterfeitingtechnology: Special inks that emit visible light (400-800nm) when exposed to ultraviolet light (200-400nm).
  2. Thermal anti counterfeitingtechnology: anti counterfeitingtechnology that undergoes color change effects when subjected to heat.
  3. Reaction color-changing anti counterfeitingtechnology: Various chemical substances added to paper that undergo chemical reactions under certain conditions, causing the paper to change color and achieve anti counterfeitingpurposes.
  4. Magnetic anti counterfeitingtechnology: Special anti counterfeitingtechnology that incorporates magnetic iron oxide powder mixed into paper, primarily used for printing magnetic coded words and symbols on banknotes for recording and storing information.
  5. Disappearing ink technology: This type of anti counterfeitingtechnology involves adding substances that can undergo biochemical reactions, allowing an invisible mark to be applied to packaging or printed materials. By using specific chemical reagents based on the formula and applying slight heat, moisture, friction, or other methods, the text or pattern will be revealed.
  6. Spot color printing ink: Printing ink made by mixing colorants, fillers, and binders, where the choice of colorants is crucial in determining the color and vividness of the prints.

anti counterfeiting powders possess the following features:

  1. Vibrant colors and excellent coverage (no need for additional opaque agents).
  2. Fine spherical particles that are easily dispersible, with a diameter of approximately 1-10μm (98%).
  3. Good heat resistance, withstanding temperatures up to 600°C, suitable for various high-temperature processing methods.
  4. Good solvent resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and high stability.
  5. No color shifting.

anti counterfeiting pigments can be used to produce various anti counterfeiting inks and coatings, such as gravure printing, screen printing, flexographic printing, various UV printing, plastic coatings, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, metal coatings, and various UV coatings.

anti counterfeiting powder can be utilized in various industries and sectors, including:

  1. Entertainment venues for drawing and painting under ultraviolet and infrared light.
  2. Production of anti counterfeitinginks.
  3. Product quality testing.
  4. Long-wavelength ultraviolet fluorescent anti counterfeitingpowder is an advanced technology used in bills and currency, with good concealment and widely available identification instruments (such as UV counterfeit detectors in shopping malls and banks).
  5. Short-wavelength anti counterfeitingtechnology requires specialized instruments for identification, providing stronger anti counterfeitingand concealment capabilities. Brainstorming fluorescent invisible UV-excited anti counterfeiting powder displays dazzling fluorescence under ultraviolet light and is widely used in anti counterfeiting, offering high technological content and good color concealment.
  6. It can be used for infrared anti counterfeitingpurposes.

Using anti counterfeiting materials offers the following benefits:

  1. Enhances brand image and combats counterfeit products, building consumer trust through easy identification of product authenticity.
  2. Adds a sense of quality guarantee to products, instilling consumer confidence and peace of mind.
  3. What is anti counterfeitingphosphor?

anti counterfeiting phosphor is an inorganic luminescent material made from rare earths. When excited by ultraviolet and infrared light, it emits high-brightness colors such as red, purple, yellow-green, blue, green, yellow, white, blue-green, and orange.

Yes, anti counterfeiting powder can be incorporated into packaging materials or labels to prevent counterfeit products, market disruption, and damage to brand reputation.

anti counterfeiting phosphor is an inorganic luminescent material made from rare earths. When excited by ultraviolet and infrared light, it emits high-brightness colors such as red, purple, yellow-green, blue, green, yellow, white, blue-green, and orange.

anti counterfeiting powder is reliable and can be used in various anti counterfeiting materials and techniques. Producing qualified anti counterfeiting products helps verify product authenticity and reduces the presence of counterfeit products in the market.

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