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How to use fluorescent powder?

Fluorescent powder is a kind of photoluminescent material. It glows in the dark after absorbing light energy. It consists of fluorescent whitening agents, fluorescent pigments, fluorescent glue and other types for different purposes. It is mainly applied in products or places with light sources, such as luminous dials, highlighters, luminous road signs, luminous plastics, fluorescent paints, satellite command centers, luminous diagnosis and treatment apparatuses, safety rescue, art performance, etc.

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Fluorescent Powder Uses FAQs

Fluorescent powder is widely used in modern times. Several major applications are listed below.

(1) Fluorescent whitening agents: As additives, whitening agents are widely used in daily chemical, paper, etc. As a kind of pigment, fluorescent whitening agents can make clothes and paper whiter after absorbing UV light.

(2) Fluorescent pigments: they have active properties. They are applied in cosmetics, coatings, etc. They can make products with better visual effects.

(3) Fluorescent glue: it is widely used in safety rescue, art performance and other fields. It is applicable to fluorescent stickers, fluorescent transparent tapes, etc. In safety rescue occasions such as swimming pools and hot springs, fluorescent glue has reminder and warning effects. In the art performance, fluorescent glue can demonstrate the creativity and imagination of artists.

(4) Fluorescent paints: they can enhance the identification of traffic signs, roads, cable equipment and the like, thus improving the safety and avoiding traffic accidents.

(5) LED lighting: fluorescent powder can be used in LED lighting products for better lighting effects.

(6) Fluorescent ink: fluorescent powder can be mixed with ink to make fluorescent ink, which is used in highlighters, fluorescent printing, etc.

Fluorescent powder is applicable to various materials, including but not limited to:

  1. 1. Plastics: long-acting water-based luminous powder can be applied in surface coatings of plastic products, such as plastic toys, mobile phone shells, etc.
  2. Ceramics: fluorescent powder can be applied in coatings of plastic products, such as ceramic lamp holders and cups.
  3. Glass: fluorescent powder can be applied in luminous glass products, such as glass crafts and decorations.
  4. 4. Fabrics: fluorescent powder is applicable to surface coatings of fabrics, such as glow-in-the-dark clothing, home textile products and backpacks.
  5. Wooden products: fluorescent powder can be used in wooden products, such as furniture and handicrafts.
  6. Metals: fluorescent powder is suitable for coatings of metal surfaces, such as glow-in-the-dark key chains and metal crafts.

At present, fluorescent powder has been applied in various fields. It is an indispensable functional material in modern times.

(1) Luminous dials: fluorescent powder is used in luminous dials, so watches and alarm clocks show the time clearly at night.

(2) Highlighters: fluorescent powder is used in high-brightness highlighters to attract more attention. It is often used in work and study.

(3) Luminous road signs: fluorescent powder is used in luminous signs to avoid accidents at night.

(4) Luminous plastics: fluorescent powder is widely applied in the product design. It is worth promoting due to glowing in the dark.

(5) Satellite command centers: fluorescent whitening agents are widely used in communication transmitters to enhance their signals.

(6) Luminous diagnosis and treatment apparatuses: fluorescent powder is used in luminous diagnosis and treatment apparatuses to avoid medical accidents at night.

(7) Clothing market: fluorescent powder is used in clothing, such as sportswear and uppers, to enhance the decoration and safety.

(8) Lighting: fluorescent powder is used in LED lighting products for better eye-catching and fashionable effects.

(9) Cosmetics: fluorescent powder is used in cosmetics for daytime makeup and special nighttime effects. It is sometimes used for makeup and decoration in special cases.

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