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What is mica powder used for?

KingChroma mica powder has good elasticity, toughness, insulation, heat resistance, acid/alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, adhesion, etc. It is an excellent additive. It is widely used in electrical appliances, electrodes, rubber, plastics, paper making, paints, coatings, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materials, etc. With the continuous development of science and technology, there will be new applications of mica powder. powder.

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Use of Mica Powder FAQs

Mica powder is a common mineral powder. It is made by grinding and processing mica ore. Due to excellent physical and chemical properties, it is widely applied in various industries.

Main applications of mica powder:

  1. Mica powder is a new functional green and environmentally friendly filler in the coating field. It has a unique 2D sheet structure to block and shield UV light. It also has chemical stability and other features. Therefore, it can effectively improve the impermeability, weather resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of films. Because of no radioactive elements, mica powder will be leading among green and environmentally friendly products in the coating field. It is widely applied in buildings’ exterior wall coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, powder coatings, heat-resistant coatings, insulation coatings, waterproof coatings, road sign coatings and anti-radiation coatings, as well as special coatings, such as ship coatings, thermal control coatings of spacecrafts, and food ware coatings.
  2. In the field of cosmetics, mica powder has the unique sheet structure, silky luster and smooth texture, to make cosmetics powder as light and delicate as silk. The natural texture of mica powder has excellent affinity and crystal effects on the skin. It can make cosmetics with soft touch, gentle luster, high affinity, and large sticking power. It is a high-grade powder preferred in the field of cosmetics.
  3. In the field of plastics, mica powder features the large diameter-thickness ratio, heat resistance, acid/alkali resistance, wear resistance, etc. It is a natural functional powder filler. The company uses the high-quality mica ore and unique wet grinding, splitting and purification process. Due to complete cleavage of the mica sheet, the large diameter-thickness ratio (more than 100) of mica remains unchanged. Thus, plastic products are greatly reinforced, and have excellent dimensional stability. Since mica powder has high heat resistance, it can greatly increase the Vicat softening point of the plastic thermal deformation thermometer. It is applicable to high-temperature parts and products. Compared with glass fiber, mica is smoother, without warping or deformation. It is widely applied in plastic modification, functional masterbatch and plastic engineering, such as PP, PA, PBT and PET.
  4. In the field of electronics, mica powder is a new type of special functional filler. It meets the technical requirements of copper clad plates. It can replace silicon powder of electronic grade, to ensure excellent insulation, rigidity, low expansion rate, drilling processability, heat resistance and process stability of plates.
  5. In the rubber field,mica powder is an excellent rubber filler stiffener. Due with the large diameter-thickness ratio in the unique structure, mica powder can greatly improve the stiffening effect. It is in the excellent sheet crystal form, so it can greatly improve the air-tightness. Through the polarization of mineral crystal and interference of interlayer water molecules, mica powder can effectively shield UV, microwave and infrared rays, and enhance the ageing resistance of products.
  6. In the field of refractories, mica powder features stable content of main mineral, moderate refractoriness, and stable physical and chemical properties of insulation. It also has the advantages of good adhesion to pug, no expansion, high drying speed, high plasticity, high resistance to erosion by molten iron, etc.
  7. In the electrode field, mica powder is new type of electrode coating material. Due to the unique combination of chemical elements, mica powder can enhance the arc stability, reduce spatter, and improve the processing properties of electrodes. It solves the problem of cracking of electrode coatings, which often occurs in the electrode production process.
  8. In the ceramic field, mica powder is a special engineering material. It is suitable for production of heat-resistant materials, insulating materials, high-temperature mechanical parts, etc. It is widely applied in electrical and electronic industries. Mica ceramics are usually made by glass crystallization or sintering.

Mica powder has extensive uses and application values. There are major applications of mica powder in many industries.

Mica powder is highly heat-resistant. It can withstand extremely high temperatures, without decomposition or function loss. If mica powder is used, the fireproof coating will have higher stability at high temperatures.

High temperature often occurs in construction and industrial equipment, such as fire or high-temperature machining. The main purpose of fireproof coatings is to protect basic materials at high temperatures, delay fire spreading, and win more time for evacuation. Due to the heat resistance, mica powder is ideal for coatings. It can keep coatings stable at high temperatures, to effectively resist flame and thermal radiation.

In general, if heat-resistant mica powder is applied in fireproof coatings, it can improve the fire safety of building and industrial equipment.

Synthetic mica powder is made by synthesis of raw materials at high temperature. It has higher heat resistance and thermal stability than natural mica powder. When the operating temperature is above 1,100℃-1,200℃, the melting temperature of synthetic mica powder is about 1,375 ± 5℃.

Maximum operating temperature of natural mica powder: 550℃ for white mica powder and 800℃ for golden mica powder (natural white mica powder begins to decompose at 450℃ and is almost completely decomposed at 900℃; golden mica powder begins to decompose at 750℃ and is significantly decomposed above 900℃). Therefore, mica powder can be distinguished by heating or differential thermal analysis.

Advantages of synthetic mica powder

Synthetic mica powder is pure with few impurities. It has good transparency and whiteness. Its hardness is slightly greater than that of natural mica powder. Other properties are better than those of natural mica powder, such as mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties and vacuum properties. Synthetic mica powder has higher whiteness than natural white mica powder. It can fully replace natural mica powder. It is a new heat-resistant insulating material, which has special and excellent properties.

Advantages of natural mica powder

Natural mica powder has excellent electrical insulation, heat resistance, transparency, acid/alkali resistance, elasticity and stripping properties. As an important insulating material, it is applied in electronic and electrical industries. Natural mica sheets can be applied in instrument windows, skeletons, media, diaphragms, etc.

Mica powder is soluble in a variety of solvents. It is often dissolved in water, acid, alkali, etc. If mica powder is dissolved in water, it has high stability and transparency, and can be used in transparent coatings and wear-resistant materials. If mica powder is dissolved in acid, it can improve the viscosity and adhesion of mica sheets, so it is widely used for high viscosity, such as coatings and paints. If mica powder is dissolved in alkali, it can improve the absorption and reflection of UV light, so it is widely applied for UV resistance.

Mica powder is a natural mineral, which is not toxic. It is widely applied at present. Mica powder also has medicinal value. Some cosmetics contain mica powder. However, the production of mica powder is harmful to the human body. Mica powder itself is a kind of dust. It can be inhaled by workers into the lungs, but not decomposed there. Long-term exposure to mica powder may cause pneumoconiosis, which is harmful to our health. It is recommended to take protective measures, to prevent inhalation of mica powder in production.

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