Chameleon Powders

Chameleon powders shows changing colors & strong color flowing effect if you look from different angle. Different particle sizes are available for wide application and customer needs.

They can be widely used in various industries, such as automobile, lacquer cosmetics, electrical appliances, plastics, printing, synthetic leather, and in high security printing of bank notes, negotiable securities etc.

Chameleon Pigments Series

Chameleon Pigments Series KC-0151


Chameleon Pigments Series KC-0152


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Chameleon Pigments Series KC-0154


Chameleon Pigments Series KC-0155


Chameleon Pigments Series KC-6151


Chameleon Pigments Series KC-6152


Chameleon Powders KC-6153


Chameleon Powders KC-6154


Chameleon Powders KC-6155


Chameleon Powders KC-6156


Chameleon Powders KC-6157


Chameleon Powders KC-7151


Chameleon Powders KC-7152


Chameleon Powders KC-7153


Chameleon Powders KC-7154


Chameleon Powders KC-7155


Chameleon Powders KC-7156


Chameleon Powders KC-7157


Chameleon Powders KC-7158


Chameleon Powders KC-7159


Chameleon Powders KC-8151


Chameleon Powders KC-8152


Chameleon Powders KC-8153


Chameleon Powders KC-8154


Chameleon Powders KC-8155


Chameleon Powders KC-8156


Chameleon Powders KC-8159


Chameleon Powders KC-9151


Chameleon Powders KC-9152


Chameleon Powders KC-9153


Chameleon Powders KC-9154


Chameleon Powders KC-9155


Chameleon Powders KC-9156


Chameleon Powders KC-9157


Chameleon Pigments KC-9158


Chameleon Pigments KC-9159


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Chameleon Powders Applications

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Automotive Coatings

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Nail Art

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Cosmetics and Makeup

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Art and Craft Projects

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Home Decor and Design

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Packaging and Branding

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Plastics and Injection Molding

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Fashion and Accessories

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Customization and Personalization

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Stationery and Crafts

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Graphic Design and Printing

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Accessories and Jewelry

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Architectural Applications

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Event Decorations

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Ceramics and Pottery

Chameleon Powders Applications for Architectural Applications

Signage and Advertising

Our Chameleon Pigment Services


White, Colorful


Mica, Aluminum

Particle size

10-150 μm

Heat resistance

300-500 degrees Celsius


Presents a variety of colors all the time, can be used unlimitedly, the colors are bright and beautiful, non-toxic, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly,Inorganic pigments.


Injection molding, Ink, Paint.(Powdered water oil universal)


Suitable for injection molding materials PP, PVC,ABS, PS, PU, TPU, TPR, EVA, PMMA, Silica gel, VinyI, etc. Silk screen, pad printing, transfer printing, gravure printing, offset printing, roller coating, spraying, etc. (paper\ cloth\ metalglass\ ceramic\ plastic, etc.).
Resin, paper, leather, wood, floor, wall, hardware, glass, ceramic, plastic, cloth, etc.


Chameleon powder is harmless to human body, comply with SGS, such as the European toys EN71 certification toys and food packaging safety standards. It is recommended to use a layer of black substrate before use to make the product more effective

Chameleon Powders FAQ

Chameleon powder is manufactured with a new type of highly transparent flaky synthetic mica as the substrate, based on biomimetic principles. Through complex and fine optical calculation, the coating process of hydrolytic nano deposition of hydrothermal chemical sol gel is adopted. In addition, the multi-layer overlay coating technology is applied. The coating thickness of metal oxides is controlled accurately. Chameleon pearl powder features high color density and wide color gamut.

It is characterized by brilliant luster, colorful dynamic effects (optically variable effects), high stability and safety but without toxicity. It is named after its sensory color change like that of chameleons.

The thickness of the optical chameleon film meets the condition for light interference. When the optical chameleon film is irradiated by light, a series of light interference effects will occur, and the color changes along with the observation angle. The optical chameleon film can be changed into chameleon pigments by crushing and other processes.

Chameleon powder is a kind of thin sheet in micrometers. It is made with ultra-thin multi-layer interference film. If features opacity, thinness, flatness, and high reflectivity. Its color changes due to the interference of light waves. The power has excellent mirror effect, high saturation, and extremely high chromaticity.

Chameleon powder can be used together with aluminum powder, carbon black, and other materials to produce various color effects. However, these pigments reduce the saturation of coating color. Transparent pigments has the best effect of color saturation. They do not affect the light interference effect on the surface, so the color saturation will not be affected.

Chameleon powder can be applied in the following products:

Coatings: solvent-based coatings, water-based coatings, powder coatings, plastic coatings, vehicle topcoats, leather coatings, sports equipment coatings, handicraft coatings.

Plastic: cosmetics packages, decorative materials, synthetic leather, toys, packaging supplies, high-end daily necessities.

Cosmetics: eye shadow, lip gloss, nail polish, hair spray.Printing ink: silk screen printing ink, gravure printing ink, art ink, anti-counterfeiting ink.

Chameleon power are divided into transparent and colorful types. It has the best pearl effect on black substrates.

Pearl powder is a kind of non-metallic pigment with stable chemical properties, so its safety can be guaranteed. Chameleon pearl pigment can be separately used in cosmetics packages. It can also be mixed with transparent paste to produce a kind of chameleon paste. Through screen printing, gravure printing, or flexographic printing, packages will have elegant candlelight luster and metallic effect.

Chameleon pearl powder is a kind of composite pigment. It is made by applying a layer of transparent color pigment to absorb certain light waves on the surface of interference type pearl powder particles.

Products containing this material has colorful effects in the vertical (front view) and lateral (especially in the direction almost parallel to the coating) direction. It presents the effects of two colors.

This optical phenomenon results from simultaneous interference and absorption of incident light. It has the distinctive and peculiar optically variable effects and dynamic color change effects.

Chameleon powder can be used in water-based or oil-based printing inks, powder coatings, and plastics. It is recommended to use a dark background color. Chameleon powder has particular color effects in the black background. It can be mixed with water-based or oil-based ink.

Chameleon powder has stable physical properties and excellent dispersibility. It is applicable to almost all coatings. Like ordinary coatings, it can be applied in coatings of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and the like. Chameleon coatings are resistant to acid and alkali. They do not change color in the presence of sulfide. They are not conductive, so they are mainly applied in electrostatic coatings: chameleon paint for automobile color change, chameleon nail polish, chameleon eye shadow; motorcycles, bicycles, electric vehicles and other transportation tools; fishing tools, sleds, golf clubs, helmets, shoes and other sports equipment; and plastics.

Chameleon powder can withstand high temperatures up to 850℃. It is resistant to acid, alkali, high temperature and high electric arch. It is free from burning, combustion supporting or conduction at 800℃. It has excellent stability in the presence of light. Some products are UV resistant and suitable for outdoor and colorful copper plates. Chameleon powder is insoluble in water and harmless to the human body. It can be used in food packages. Chameleon powder can also be well mixed with transparent organic materials or dyes. Its perfect visual effect endows designers with infinite creativity in color.

Chameleon pigment powder is resistant to acid and alkali, so it can be used in water-based coatings. It is also resistant to sulfides, so it will not undergo color change in the presence of sulfides. Chameleon pigment powder has high stability in light. Some products are UV resistant and suitable for outdoor and colorful copper plates.

  1. Coatings: first apply a layer of black or dark primer and then apply the chameleon pigment, to achieve the best color change effect.
  2. Chameleon pigment in coatings: 5%-15% Chameleon pigment in inks: 5%-15%
  3. Plastics: it is recommended to mix 1%-8% chameleon pigment and 0.02% carbon black to achieve the best color change effect. The chameleon pigment can withstand a temperature of up to 300℃.

Chameleon powder has the shining effect of metal pigments and the natural soft luster. It can be widely applied in clothing printing, automobile/motorcycle/bicycle coatings, powder coatings, building coatings, inks, leather, plastic products, as well as papermaking, printing and dyeing, rubber, ceramics/plastics, coatings, printing, cosmetics, etc.

  1. Do not process chameleon powder at temperatures above 280℃.
  2. Do not use chameleon powder and ultraviolet light absorbers at the same time.
  3. Chameleon powder is very sensitive to polarity. Using different additives or substrates may cause color differences.
  4. Factors such as UV exposure time, acidity, radioactivity, and humidity may cause fatigue in color change.

Chameleon pigments are suitable for different industries, such as commercial and industrial applications. They meet the requirements for different occasions and effects. They can maximize the added value of products and lead to new stunning visual effects. As a new idea in color today, they will increase the value of your products.

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