How to use pearl powder for paints?

We recently needed to use pearl powder for paint. What are the precautions when mixing materials?

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Pearl powder for paint systems works well, including oil-based, water-based, powder, UV curing, and transportation paints like cars, motorcycles, trains, bicycles, as well as indoor and outdoor decorative building paints.

We dampen the right amount of pearl pigment, blend it with clear materials and stir evenly for pearlescent paints. The process of adding pearl pigment to painting is also fairly easy. To prevent settling, we can add thickeners when mixing ink, or dampen the pigment before dispersing it in the binder. The excellent dispersibility of mica titanium pearlescent pigments makes it an ideal choice for ink manufacturing, as it creates superior conditions for ink production.

Pearl pigments can produce wonderful and exclusive colors when combined with transparent dyes or pigments. However, the luster of pearls can be diminished if opaque pigments are used. In low-viscosity ink media, adopting low-speed stirring can achieve a good dispersion effect. However, it is best to avoid using equipment such as three-roller machines, high-speed mixers, or ball mills in other ink manufacturing processes as it may cause the mica titanium pearlescent pigment particles to shatter and lose their luster.

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