How to use pearl powder for car paint?

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Can you add pearl powder for car paint?

Pearlescent powder is suitable for car paint. Pearlescent car paint is a special car paint containing pearlescent particles. Tiny metallic particles or pigment sheets are mixed for unique effects. Tiny particles are shimmering in sunlight or other light, so car bodies have a pearlescent luster and a better visual stereo and layering sense. Pearlescent paint usually has good weather resistance and wear resistance. It can effectively protect the surfaces of car bodies and extend their service life.

Is pearl car paint metallic?

Strictly, pearlescent car paint is a kind of metallic car paint. They are similar to each other in various aspects, including prices and effects. However, they are different from each other.

Differences between pearlescent car paint and metallic car paint

1. Metallic car paint is a mixture of metallic powder and paint. Due to light refraction at different angles, car colors and even contours may change. For car bodies, metallic car paint has a layering sense, in addition to high hardness.

2. Pearlescent car paint is made by mixing pearlescent powder with metallic paint. Pearlescent powder is more shimmering in sunlight, because of irregular reflective surfaces. More and more car manufacturers launch major models using pearlescent car paint. Such models are more popular with young people.

3. Metallic car paint and pearlescent car paint have higher hardness than non-metallic paint. That is, they are more wear-resistant. With metallic car paint and pearlescent car paint, car bodies are not prone to scratching by sand and silt during high-speed running or washing. For owners who do not have any garage, metallic car paint and pearlescent car paint have better protective effects for cars.

pearl powder for car paint

How do you make pearlescent car paint?

The production process of pearlescent paint is relatively complex. It usually consists of the following steps. First, select the appropriate base pigment and pearlescent particles, and mix them until pearlescent particles are evenly dispersed in pigments. Then, conduct painting, including the primer, pearlescent paint and transparent topcoat. Fine spraying and drying are required to form the paint films with a unique luster.

Material preparation:

– Pearlescent powder

– Clear paint (such as varnish, matte paint, flat lacquer, etc.)

Steps for preparation of pearlescent car paint:

1. Prepare a clean container, and pour the clear paint into the container.

2. Gradually add the pearlescent powder to clear paint according to the proportion. Stir them. Under normal circumstances, the amount of pearlescent powder is about 10% of that of clear paint. The proportion may be adjusted as needed.

3. Stir until the pearlescent powder is thoroughly dissolved in the clear paint, without any particulate matter.

4. Stir them again before use.

Precautions for the preparation of pearlescent powder for automotive paint

I. Pearlescent pigments are preferably mixed with transparent pigments. They must not be mixed with opaque pigments, such as titanium white, chromium pigments, cadmium pigments, iron oxide pigments and gold pigments.

II. Colors cannot complement each other.

III. Shimmering pearlescent pigments of different colors must not be used at the same time.

A large pigment-base ratio is required for pearlescent topcoat. Generally, the mass ratio of pearlescent pigments in the resin base should be about 6%, and must not exceed 8%. Otherwise, the orientation of pigment sheets in films will be affected, and pearlescent effects will decline. Pearlescent topcoat is usually applied in the three-layer (color primer – topcoat – varnish) coating system.

How to maintain pearlescent car paint?

To keep the luster and effect of pearlescent car paint, car owners should regularly conduct professional vehicle cleaning and maintenance. Car bodies must not be cleaned with any abrasive car wash or brush, in order not to damage the pearlescent paint film. Regular waxing and glazing are also effective in keeping the luster of pearlescent paint. A protective film can be produced to extend the persistence and durability of pearlescent paint.

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