How to use Thermochromic Pigments Correctly?

How to use Thermochromic Pigments Correctly?

Thermochromic pigments are state-of-the-art products but structurally weak compared with many other pigments and dyes. To take full advantage of this product while keeping it out of harm’s way, the following precautions are to be observed in the application of thermochromic pigments. I. Effect of thermochromic pigments Temperature Thermochromic pigments usually change colors within a certain temperature range, …

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Can thermochromic powder be dissolved in water? How to use thermochromic pigment for thermochromic cup?

Thermochromic powder is a kind of organic color-changing pigment. Such color-changing pigment can change color with temperature change. Heavy-metal double-salt complexes and liquid-crystal reversible temperature-sensitive and color-changing substances do not have such property. Can we directly dissolve thermochromic powder in water? Can we use it on cups?

Is KingChroma thermal pigment powder toxic?

Nowadays, the prosperous maternal and infant market is followed by quality problems of maternal and infant products. People are becoming increasing concerned about them. In recent years, many manufacturers of maternal and infant products have developed a lot of new products to attract customers, including thermal feeding bottle, thermal clothes, and thermal nipple. Mothers feel worried about these products and think these products may be toxic, so that they dare not buy these products. Is thermal pigment powder safe?

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