How to choose thermochromic powder pigment?

There are a lot of thermochromic powder pigment manufacturers and various products on the market. How should I choose appropriate thermochromic powder pigment?

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We need to take into account the following aspects when we choose thermochromic powder pigment:

1. Temperature range: The temperature range of thermochromic powder pigment may vary with the type of thermal powder. We need to choose it according to the specific temperature range measured.

2. Color selection: The color of the thermochromic powder pigment should correspond well to the test temperature. If the color is not obvious, it may affect the accuracy of test result. Therefore, we need to choose a thermochromic powder pigment with obvious color.

3. Environmental adaptability: Different types of thermochromic powder pigment can be used in different environments such as high humidity or low temperature. We should make a choice according to the actual environmental condition.

4. Stability: Thermochromic powder pigment should have high stability to ensure the accuracy of test result.

5. Applicable scenarios: Different types of thermochromic powder pigment are applicable to different scenarios such as medical industry, cooking or scientific research. We should make proper choice in light of the actual application scenario.

In conclusion, we should choose thermochromic powder pigment according to the specific demand and actual condition, taking above factors into overall consideration before making a decision.

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