How to Mix Chameleon Pigment into Chameleon Car Paint?

Chameleon car paint has become popular for car spray painting in recent years. It changes color at different angles. KingChroma chameleon pigment has a variety of colors including purple, red, yellow, and sky blue. The original color returns when a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light is not present.

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Method for chameleon car Paint:

1. Paint all objects with black primer, making sure to cover everything. Unless it’s high-end or unique chameleon paint, every object should be black. The primer is a single-component paint that doesn’t require curing agents. Add just the right amount of baking paint thinner.

2. Mix the chameleon car paint (Kingchroma with varying ratios of 1-25% from different series, mixed with transparent paint to create chameleon car paint) in a bucket and stir thoroughly for 3-5 minutes. Add the corresponding curing agent to the chameleon paint in a 10:1.5 paint-to-curing agent ratio, stir the paint for 1-2 minutes, then let it stand for 15 minutes before use. Before using the chameleon paint, make sure to perform high-density filtration. The clear clumps that occur during the filtration process are a common supplementary component. Simply filter out the clumps and then spray the paint after adding a suitable amount of baking paint thinner.

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