What kind of fabrics can reflective pigment powder be used on?

How is the adhesion of reflective pigment powder to fabric? Can we use it on textiles? Will it fall off and fade after printing? Which fabrics are suitable for reflective pigment printing?

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Fabric specific reflective pigment powder is usually used for better highlight and decoration. It fits with various fabrics, depending on the effect you want.

Here are some fitting suggestions:

  1. Cotton fabric: Cotton clothes can be screen printed with reflective pigment powder to increase luster and highlight, making them more fashionable.
  2. High-gloss fabric: Screen printing reflective pigment powder can go with high-gloss fabric such as silk and chiffon to enhance fabric luster and luxury.
  3. Sports fabric: Screen printing reflective pigment powder can be used on sportswear fabric such as nylon and polyester to increase the level of fashion and luster.
  4. Denim: The said reflective pigment powder also fits with denim to form unique street-style fashion.

To sum up, screen printing reflective pigment powder can be used on almost any fabric, depending on the desired effect and style.

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