How to use photosensitive powder in injection molding?

What are the steps of photosensitive powder injection molding? What is the mixing ratio? Are there any precautions?

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Photosensitive powder for injection molding: The ratio of such powder to plastic material is generally around 0.4% – 10%, depending on the color shade of product. Add less powder for light color, and more for dark color.

  1. Mixing: First, add diffusion oil to the raw material and stir for one minute. Then, add Kingchroma photosensitive powder and stir for another one minute. The stirring time should not be too long.
  2. Injection molding machine: The injection molding machine should be fully clean, with a lowest temperature just enough to support the process. Do not leave the material in machine for too long to avoid burning. The molding output also varies with the state of machine, whether being new or old, domestic or imported. You need to constantly test and adjust the machine to get optimal result.

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What is the recommended ratio for adding photochromic powder to plastic products?

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