How to use glow in dark powder can I enhance it?

Our glow in dark powder is recently found not very good for unknown reasons. Do you know any ways to improve the luminous effect?

Bachelor's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University of Technology

You can do the following to improve the luminous effect of glow in dark powder:

  1. Select high-quality glow in dark powder with better purity. The purer the powder, the better the luminous effect. So, it is recommended to use high-quality powder and store it properly to avoid contamination from impurities.
  2. Control the amount used. You should not add too much luminous powder, as it will affect the luminous effect. You need to strictly follow the dosage suggested by the manufacturer.
  3. Use suitable base material. Luminous powder should be added to transparent resin or coating, which should be a proper type, to achieve the best luminous effect.
  4. Increase the light-receiving area. You should coat the luminous material on the object surface, not the interior. You can also apply more layers of coating or extend the illuminated area to improve luminous effect.
  5. Increase the exposure time. The longer time it receives light, the longer its luminous effect will last. You can make it exposed to light for longer time, or use stronger light source to enhance stimulation.

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