How to use glitter powder?

Is glitter powder widely applicable? In what fields?

Bachelor's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University of Technology

Use of glitter powder:

1. Candle craft: mixing with (transparent) wax —> cooling to form the shape

2. Ironwork process: mixing with varnish —> spraying or coating —> natural drying with air (or baking)

3. Christmas craft: (water-based or oil-based) glue —> dusting with powder —> natural drying with air (or forced drying)

4. Ceramic craft: brushing with varnish (gold varnish and glue) —> dusting with glitter powder —> drying —> spraying with varnish —> drying to form a shape.

5. Nail polish: There is a wide variety of nail polish colors. One of them is called blingbling shiny nail polish, which is popular with girls. You will feel beautiful with it on nails. It is mainly made of glitter powder.

6. Greeting cards and gift boxes: Families and companies have started their decoration with small ornaments, like silver snowflakes, golden balls, and colorful gift boxes, all covered with a layer of powder, which makes their Christmas trees no longer plain but shiny and sparkling. That is also the credit of glitter powder.

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