How to glitter powder determine good or bad?

We recently had a project that required glitter powder. How to buy high-quality glitter powder? Are there any ways to screen it?

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There are various types, colors, and specifications of glitter powder in the market. The high quality is reflected by the following major indicators:

  1. High brightness: Judging from surface brightness, high-quality glitter powder has high luminance, high brightness, and obvious mirror effect.
  2. Regular shape: High-quality glitter powder, when observed under a microscope, is a regular and standard hexagon, without any difference in size or the existence of powder.
  3. Resistance to strong acid and alkali: Quality glitter powder soaked in strong acid or alkali liquid for a long time can still maintain its bright color.
  4. Resistance to high temperature: High-quality glitter powder will not fade or only partially fade when steamed and boiled at high temperature. This method is mostly used to identify the glitter powder used for glitter glue and nail polish.

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